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About us

Charting our voyage of growth, exemplifying our dedication to innovation and excellence

What we are now, is what we were in our History

Welcome to ALIA

ALIA’s journey from the start to present and into the future is driven by our understanding of the need for creative, practical and commercially viable products that improve the lives of the most important element in our country’s economy – the hardworking, passionate individuals who keep our economy alive – our customers.

We are here due to the continued support of our valued staff, customers, and trustworthy partners.

Sixty years into our journey as a successful trading company, ALIA is proud to have established a strong, loyal bond with thousands of people across the Maldives and overseas. We look forward to venturing into the future with your continued trust in our endeavors.

Founder’s Message

“The Maldives is a small country developing at a remarkable rate. The Government of Maldives is currently politically stable and the development of the country is undertaken in a sustainable manner by equitable resource allocation and through implementation of coherent and prudent macroeconomic policies for businesses to prosper. The resultant growth, particularly the robust growth in the tourism industry over the years has contributed enormously to the expansion of such economic activities.

In 2002, the company underwent a major corporate re-structuring, when ALIA Investments Pvt. Ltd. was officially registered and started functioning, and my two sons, Alau and Atho had joined as the new team members. The company is now one of the largest and most reputed in the Maldives. Thanks to the vision and hard work of my team, especially my brothers, Abbas and Ilyas.”

Mr. Ali Abdulla (1941 – 2010)

MD’s Message

2024 marks the 60th year since the inception of ALIA as a brand. The journey is exciting as well as challenging.

As an Investment Company, ALIA’s primary objective is to maximize capital growth by investing in diversified portfolios of business activities, which are autonomous as well as strategically allied.

We have successfully created an operational structure that allows coordination and sustained interaction among our valued staff, in delivering a fruitful result to our customer.

We have been creating our own footprints in every business activity undertaken. Our distributor relationship with Yamaha marked its 50th year in 2024. Being the market leader with a prominent share in the market for such a period simply explains the degree of customer oriented attributes that exists in our business methodology. Our affiliated construction company, ALIA Construction Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prominent and reliable companies in the industry, with several resort development projects and landmark buildings in the capital Male’ being counted among its portfolio of works.

As for the future, the road ahead may not be smooth all the time but the horizon remains bright. With the dedicated efforts of our staff together with the trust of our customers, we will aim to succeed as we proceed.

Alau Ali
Managing Director

Alia Investments

ALIA Group Pvt. Ltd was formed when Mr. Ali Abdulla’s younger brothers Mr. Ilyas Abdulla and Mr. Abbas Abdulla joined him as partners of the company in the wake of increasing market demands and the need for further expansion and diversification of trading components.

When ALIA became the first private Maldivian company to start import trading of timber and hardware, the name ALIA Store became synonymous with hardware trading services in the country.

In 1974, when ALIA introduced the revolutionizing Yamaha outboard engines for the first time in the country, Maldivian fishermen’s lives changed overnight, improving the day to day living conditions of a seafaring population living in a country whose geographical area comprised of 99 percent ocean.

With the surge in opportunities in related industries in the late 1970s and 80s and in the years that followed, ALIA Construction took on several new challenges and gained momentum to position itself as one of the pioneering construction companies of modern Maldives. In 1978, the first hotel in the Maldives “Hotel ALIA” was built as the first building to use concrete in the country. This emphasizes the pivotal role ALIA has played in the economic and industrial development of the Maldives. With further foresight, ALIA capitalized on the prospect of 10 story buildings in the Maldives, while also becoming one of the first local construction company to undertake resort development projects during the boom of the tourism industry. Today ALIA construction continues to be one of the top contractors of the country.

We, at ALIA, are now celebrating our 60th year in business.

Sixty years on, we still believe in valuing our encounters and relationships with the people behind each and every facet of our living and trading environments. Our founders, our staff, our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and critics, each and every one of them add meaning and value to what we offer at ALIA investments today.

Sixty years on, ALIA is proud to follow the footsteps of our founder by adopting strict adherence to the standards of corporate social responsibility set out for us half a century ago in Goidhoo island of Baa atoll, Maldives.

Years of Experience

Alia Sawmill & Alia Store
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Our Management

Meet our dedicated management team, each bringing years of invaluable experience and expertise to the table. With a collective commitment to excellence, they drive our company's vision forward, guiding us towards innovation and success and ensuring our goals are met and exceeded.

Ahmed Saeed

General Manager

A post graduate in Management & Administration, Mr. Saeed begun his career with Alia in 2006 at the Marketing Department and now leads all core commercial activities. With his dynamic and professional approach and specialization in business automation and change management, he plays a pivotal role in shaping ALIA’s success.

Saman Pushpakumara

Chief Financial OFFICER

Mr. Saman, equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in B.Sc. Business Administration (Special) from the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka, commenced his journey with Alia in 2012 as a Financial Controller. Now, as the Chief Financial Officer, he adeptly oversees the company's financial activities aiming for success.


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